AromaTouch Massage

AromaTouch Massage

The sense of smell is one of our strongest triggers for memories and often emotions. Coupled with the sense of touch this gentle massage can create an overall sense of calm, relaxation, and warmth. By stimulating the senses, you may even feel the flow of blood, oxygen and energy through your body.

Using 100% pure essential oils, AromaTouch Massage provides many benefits such as reducing stress, relaxing your body, improving your immunity and soothing aches and pains.


We want you to feel truly relaxed after your AromaTouch Massage. For this reason, we find that sending you an outline of the oils used is far more beneficial than you trying to understand them during your session.

With this in mind, we send you a simple pdf outlining the oils used and their benefits to your overall health after your first session.


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