About Zode Kinesiology

Built from a new experience of myself.

Aligns to my own values, goals and beliefs.

Ensures you are heard and supported.

Follow up is one of my points of difference.

You are the core. I am the facilitator.

By working together, we both gain healing and awareness.

I hold a clean, professional, nurturing space for you.

You will leave feeling calm or energised but certainly with a connection to yourself.

I do not diagnose, treat or cure but you may just achieve that for yourself.

Open to connect to you in Randwick and Maroubra.

Zode Kinesiology Tree of Life

Zode Kinesiology is a natural therapy clinic operating in Randwick and Maroubra in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. It is safe and nurturing, where you will be heard, held in a space and understood. You may laugh, cry, get light bulb moments or feel energy flowing through your body.

That’s pretty much what I experienced when I decided to become a Kinesiologist.

After a session I walked to South Maroubra Beach and collected shells which turned out to be the colours of our seven most recognised chakras. Sitting on a rock, a wave washed over my feet and the shells floated to the bottom of the ocean. It was in this moment that I knew kinesiology was my calling.

As I walked toward home, I saw this "Tree of Life"; rooted to the earth, a strong supportive trunk and branches of opportunity reaching up to the sky and beyond. Balanced, grounded and expanding. That’s how I felt. That’s how Zode Kinesiology was born.

Why Zode?

The "Z" to me, represents movement. A direction in life, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, backwards or forwards, up or down. It is still movement, and, in that we have choice.

The infinity symbol, ("o and d") represents cycles. The repetition of patterns of behaviour, illness or belief. The infinity of possibility; a limitless loop that we can embrace and reflect upon to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. 

Life and therefore us, live in cycles; the moon, the sun, the calendar, time itself. We can follow these cycles unconsciously or we can be neutral, observe and accept them as they are. This opens us up to growth and awareness about our patterns, pains, and limiting beliefs and in these opportunities, we find our truth.

In kinesiology we use finger modes, hundreds of them! These, coupled with muscle monitoring, provide indicators of what your body needs during a session. It's my way of communicating specifically with your body. "Zode" plays on this (mode) in terms of the transference of messages and provides individualised support to each client. Zode is not a one size fits all approach.

So to explain "Why Zode?..."

It's simple; in moments of choice we create movement. With communication through the seen and unseen together we can facilitate healing.  Zode Kinesiology is infinite possibility; that limitless loop of you and I working together to connect to movement and choice. Allowing you to change your mind, body and spirit to a level of greater awareness, balance and healing.

What does Zode stand for?

Our Values are embedded into everything we do. From our image, branding, products, services and marketing messages. From your very first phone call to our final hug as you leave the safe space of our clinic to embrace the opportunities and changes that have presented themselves to you. 

I arrived at my business values after much deliberation. I wanted them to be realistic, transparent but more importantly I wanted them to honestly reflect what I do and who I am. These Values will hopefully help you decide if I am the right practitioner for you. After all you are here reading this so perhaps, we are a good fit and the powers that be are bringing us together for a reason.

I connect to and respect Zode’s Values. I make them the cornerstones of my business. They are reflected in my business story, delivery of service, the backroom operations and of course within myself.


Is Zode what you’re looking for?

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