Helping you through pain, stress and illness to allow you to connect.

My Calling is to connect people with self healing, through their senses.

Want to get a Taste of Kinesiology to experience if it's right for you? Try our
30 minute "Kin Taster".
At $65 this is great way to decide if we are right for each other

Here's what some clients have said lately:

"Thank you for your beautiful work in helping me move through such a profound time in my life. You are a gifted kinesiologist - such a beautiful way to help the mind, body and spirit heal"   ~ Lynda

Working with Zoe was a really lovely experience. Right from out first consultation I felt warm, supported and looked after. I was actually surprised how deep the session went and Zoe was really quickly able to pinpoint my pain areas, both physical and emotional. 
After a cycle of Liquid Crystals I experienced a couple of big realisations for me which were really powerful. 
The whole experience was really supportive and Zoe really knows her stuff - plus my back ache has gone too, which was another added bonus! Thanks Zoe      
~ Vashti

"Once you make a decision, the world conspires to make it happen."     
   ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's not a surprise that your search
has led you to Zode Kinesiology.

A place where we work together in a relaxed and intuitive way to identify the causes of your stress, 
dis-ease and limiting beliefs. We find ways to correct these imbalances and give you a greater
awareness of yourself.

So, Welcome to my Frequency!

I will support you to feel at home in all
parts of your life for within Zode Kinesiology,
you will know you hold the power, love and wisdom inside of you.

Join me at my nurturing home-based clinic in
the beautiful beach side suburb of Maroubra;
the jewel of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

It is here where kids and adults alike
can feel safe, heard, inspired and connected.

Where you will gain opportunities for growth and contribution. A place where each and every person is treated with respect and unconditional positive regard.

Like me, when you embark on something new, you may have questions about what to expect. That's why I'm here; to answer your questions and build trust between us so we can start a journey together.

So enjoy exploring my website. If you want to know more you can get in touch for a Free Exploration chat and then you can consider action to "Live Yourself Well". 

I look forward to connecting soon...        Zoe