The Liquid Crystals

The Liquid Crystals

The Liquid Crystals (TLC) are geometric vibrational remedies made from the Earth’s Metals, Minerals and Crystals. They are a powerful tool affecting profound and lasting change on all levels of one’s being and support your healing process.

There are 77 different single crystals and a multitude of combinations which can work with you on sleep issues, overwhelm and focus, studying, restoring the natural cycles of your body or you may have recently experienced grief or trauma; the Liquid Crystals can support you in all this and more.

The Liquid Crystals are Organic, Natural and Holistic. Suitable for adults, children, animals and even plants.


After your Liquid Crystal session, we provide a free report outlining the following:

  • What the intention of the session was and an overview of what happened.

  • An outline of the meaning behind your dose bottle of Liquid Crystal/s.

  • A reminder of your dosage plan.

  • A recommended plan moving forward.

  • An opportunity to join our tribe and leave a testimonial

Upon request, we can provide your Trinity Grid for an additional $50. This highlights your Name Trinity of Crystals and can highlight an approach for you to follow when taking the crystals.


A complete service

We offer a range of services including

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