Kinesiology is a natural therapy. It melds Western techniques and Eastern traditions to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, by empowering your own healing potential that is held within your body.

At Zode, I use gentle muscle-monitoring, with a dose of intuition, to identify where your body is holding stress, stagnation and pain. Then, together, with curiosity, understanding and care, I facilitate your body to create shifts and enable the flow of energy and awareness so you can bring yourself into balance.

This can include techniques such as: counselling, acupressure, crystals (liquid and rock formations), essential oils, sound, colour, chakra work, structural balancing, brain function assessments, reflexes and more!


To ensure all our clients benefit from a holistic approach to your healing, we provide a short free report after each session. This report will usually outline the following:

  • What the intention of the session was and an overview of what happened.

  • An outline of the meaning behind your dose bottle of Liquid Crystals, if that was purchased.

  • Appropriate home reinforcement for you to work on between sessions.

  • A recommended plan moving forward.

  • An opportunity to join our tribe and leave a testimonial


A complete service

We offer a range of services including

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