+ Why should I come to Zode instead of seeing someone else?

To all my clients I bring a caring, safe and open space where you can be yourself. My listening skills and empathy allow you to explore and question why you keep experiencing the same thing. We work together to identify ways to make lasting and in some cases permanent change.

Most importantly I have learnt through my own life that we all benefit from taking the time to know ourselves better, to not judge or compare ourselves and to allow this process called life to unfold in a cosy blanket of trust. My intuition and nurturing approach will leave you feeling supported and heard so you can move into a new sense of self.

+ Can I give it a try first?

Yes. I offer a free 25 minute exploration chat to answer all your questions.

We also have a 30 minute "Kin Taster" for $65. Identifying one thing you want to work on, I use kinesiology to start a process for you to get a feel for what I do. In most cases you will be given a Liquid Crystal to take for 21 days and I will touch base with you during that time. The single dose bottle is only $10 or a combination bottle is $30.

+ How long is a session?

An initial session is 90 mins as we build rapport and find out more about why you chose me for your healing journey.

A follow up session is either 90, 60 or 45 minutes depending on what is happening and how much time you havee.

I provide shorter sessions for children.

An AromaTouch session is 45 mins and includes the oils.

+ How many sessions will I need?

I suggest a minimum of 4 visits, usually about 2-4 weeks apart. This allows us to really address your issues and get into the causes and solutions for you to experience change. Ultimately our mutual goal is for you to "Live yourself Well" and that can take time. I have package deals which can be a great way to continue to get support or just return for a "Tune Up" now and then.

+ Will you help me between sessions?

Yes. I will contact you between visits for support and guidance. We will also review your progress at each session and tweak or change the approach if needed. I will refer you to another medical practitioner or natural therapist if we decide its needed.

+ How much is a session?

Prices start at $65 for a 30min Kin Taster. We do have great packages available for all ages - check out our Packages page. Casual Prices range from $65 - $120. Our AromaTouch Massage is 45min ($95 and includes all oils).

We do have a cancellation Policy. Any cancellation within 8 hours of your appointment will forfeit 50% of the appointment fee. No Shows will forfeit the full amount. For this reason we will take your credit card details at the time of booking. These will not be held by Zode after your initial appointment.

+ What should I wear and do beforehand?

I suggest you wear something comfortable as you will be sitting and lying on a massage table. I suggest pants or leggings for ladies rather than a skirt or dress as it makes muscle monitoring more comfortable. It is great if you have a glass of water or two before you arrive so you are well hydrated.

+ Do I have to take my clothes off?

No, in a kinesiology session you remain fully clothed. I will ask you to remove your shoes and any bulky jackets or jumpers to assist with muscle monitoring. If you are coming for an AromaTouch session, you will need to remove your top/bra as I need to touch your back and shoulders. I do provide blankets.

+ What will it feel like?

A kinesiology session and any type of natural therapy is individual. What you feel or experience may be very different from anyone else or from each time you visit. I take a person-centered approach so your needs are individually addressed and I facilitate the process to support you to find your own way. At the very least you will leave feeling relaxed and calm. It is best to be open to anything being possible and willing to let go and just be in the moment.

On a physical level; you may experience a sense of lightness, calm and relaxation. At times you may feel changes in temperature and you could on occasions feel tingly or a little shaky. Some people even fall asleep. This is all normal and nothing to be worried about.

At times you can experience a variety of emotions. You may laugh, cry or feel withdrawn or frustrated. All emotions are welcome as they are allowing you to connect and release. If at anytime it feels too much we can stop and chat about your experience.

+ Do you have Gift Vouchers?

Yes and they make lovely gifts for family and friends. We can also give Gift Vouchers to organisations as raffle prizes.

+ Can I claim a rebate from my private health provider?

Sadly, on 1st April 2019 Kinesiology will no longer be eligible for Private Health Rebates.

+ How do I pay?

We accept cash, direct deposit and credit card (MasterCard, Visa and AMEX) before or at your appointment.

+ What happens if I can't make my appointment?

We understand that life gets in the way and things happen but last minute cancellations stop other people getting appointments. So if you can help us out that'd be great!!

Please give us 8 hours notice of any cancellations and we can reschedule your appointment.

If you cancel within 8 hours you will be charged 50% of the fee. We will contact you to finalise this.

+ Are my details kept private and safe?

Yes. All client information is secure and remains confidential and private. Should there be a legal request for information, it will be given in accordance to law, non-identifiable and with the notification of you; the client.

Zode Kinesiology adheres to relevant Acts, Legislation and Laws throughout operating as a kinesiology clinic. We have a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct which outlines all parties Rights and Responsibilities which I trust will be respected throughout our interactions.

+ Are you suitably qualified and insured?

Yes. I hold current public liability and professional indemnity insurance, a current first aid & CPR certificate and Working With Children Check certificate. I am a member of the Australian Kinesiology Association and the Integrated Complementary Medicine Association.