Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

Using colour, sound, cards and crystals along with essential oils we can work to balance your chakra system which gives a direct link to your etheric bodies where disease and stress can start to impact your life before it becomes a physical symptom.

During a Chakra Balance you will experience a sense of opening to new opportunities. relaxation and at times tingling or gentle heat. Like crystals, energetic vibrations support you to shift blocks and Live Yourself Well. I link much of the colour and sound processes to the chakra system, balancing these energy vortexes to spin and dance in alignment.


We believe that educating our clients is an important part of your healing journey. With knowledge comes power so we provide a short free report after your chakra healing session that outlines the following:

  • An overview of your chakra map, including what techniques were used to bring balance

  • A pdf outlining each chakra in simple detail

  • The key issues uncovered during the session

  • Some tips and tools that you can use between sessions to maintain balance

  • An opportunity to join our tribe and leave a testimonial


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