Random Acts of Kindness

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a Random Act of Kindness?  You know, when someone does something nice out of the blue or says something that simply fills you with warmth and joy.

I had this very experience recently and it got me thinking. What can be considered an Act of Kindness and why do we seem to appreciate it more when its Random.

My most recent moment came when one of my colleagues gave me a small bottle of pink bubbles; the one in the picture.  I had made a few calls for her and managed to help sort out a couple of her student placement requirements. I thought no more of it. This was part of my job and I was happy she was sorted. At the time she thanked me, I said; “happy to help”.

But she went the extra mile and wanted to give a little something as her way of appreciation.  What that did was recognise that sense of gratitude and thankfulness from her. And that made me feel good for her but also about myself.

You see when we receive or give random acts of kindness the chemicals in our brain, in this case, dopamine is released, and we feel a wave of bliss and euphoria come over us. Dopamine is not called the “feel-good hormone” for nothing.

The more random this is, it seems the more we feel grateful and happy; at least that’s what I have experienced. I believe if these kind acts are random and therefore unexpected, the element of surprise comes in which boosts that happy feeling.

In kinesiology, I work closely with people’s emotions. This can include working with their hormones and biochemistry, so the hormone release is regulated and balanced. This will invariably stimulate their brain and nerves to open their heart and support them to connect to the cause of their issues and ultimately their happiness.

I invite you all to open your heart to a Random Act of Kindness. Play with it. Give a stranger a smile as you look into their eyes; help someone with their shopping even if you are busy, give your partner a gift not because it’s their birthday just because that gift touched your heart as you thought of them.

Time to share the love! From my heart to yours

Zoe Jack
Zode Kinesiology

Love on a PLate