Hush Little Baby

This week, at Zode Kinesiology, I had a wonderful session with my youngest client, four month old Reegan.

As I greeted them at my home-based clinic, Reegan scanned the room with a knowledge and innocence that was beautiful to witness. She was alert, had a deep sense of awareness and as her gaze laid eyes on me, she smiled and gurgled.

baby asleep face down.JPG

The reason her mum bought her to see me was to see if things were as they should be. She also mentioned that Reegan was not sleeping through the day. I could empathise. My kids were both not very good daytime sleepers.

And no mum functions at their best when they are exhausted; right!

We chatted and Reegan lay on the massage table. After doing some primitive reflex checks which should be integrated at birth, I worked with settling her nervous system with a bit of diluted lavender oil.

I also worked a little with mum and used muscle monitoring to gain insights into what Reegan needed.

After the session, Reegan’s mum was happy and looked forward to the next session which would be about 2 weeks later. At this appointment we will start to look at integrating the primitive reflexes which were showing a mild level of stress.

Later that afternoon I received a testimonial message from Reegan’s mum:

“We had a beautiful session. Zoe treated my 4 month old baby girl & for the first time she slept for four hours during the day! Looking forward to seeing Zoe again & I’d like to take my whole family.”

At Zode Kinesiology I work with babies to adults. Focusing on the nervous system, anxiety, grief, sleep and pain. I will include many aspects of kinesiology including crystals, chakras, structural assessments, acupressure and essential oils. At times I do free information talks and workshops.

If your interested in booking a session or curious and have some questions feel free to get in touch on 0414 566 456 or There is more information on my website at:

From my heart to yours