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Death Becomes Us All

Dad was a Yorkshireman. Generous, wise and a gentle adventurer. He was blessed with a life well lived. But on 28th July 2017 he peacefully passed away. Surrounded by three generations. Each in our own way saying thank you and goodbye with a silent cheer of his favourite brandy. This moment confirming my path of connecting to people deeply and supporting them on their healing journey.

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Pause Power

I’ve been thinking about this phrase lately, “To Pause or Not to Pause”. If you’re anything like most mums, you may well be feeling like life is outta control. Way too much to do. Way too little time. And an oversupply of people calling on mum to fix things, drive somewhere, make something, be someone….and so on. But how do we give ourselves guilt-free time to Pause and Replenish?

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